Bobco Pools Spas and Hot Tubs

Before deciding on a spa or hot tub, find out about the options available to you. Spas and hot tubs are similar in that both use swirling water and therapeutic heat to soak and massage sore muscles and painful joints. The difference between the two is simple:

  • In hot tubs, the bubbling water comes from under and around the seats.
  • In most spas, the bubbling water comes up directly through the floor and seats.

While the benefits derived from a hot tub or spa are similar, their construction and appearance are quite different.

The Hot Tub

The original hot tub was an old wooden wine cask. Today, hot tubs are constructed in a similar fashion with constant soaking of the wood keeping the tub watertight without use of nails. The most popular wood used in the tub construction is redwood. Vertical grained all-heart redwood is strong, watertight, aesthetically pleasing and if properly maintained, will last for 15 years.