Interesting Facts and Stats about Swimming Pools

Interesting Facts and Stats about Swimming Pools

At one point or another, if you own a house, you’ve thought about adding a swimming pool to your backyard. But you’ve thought to yourself that it might be too expensive or too big of a project to deal with right now.

Well, after you’re done reading these interesting stats about swimming pools, contact us through this link, and let us help you figure out if a pool is right for you and your family!


Interesting Stats About Swimming Pools

Interesting Facts and Stats About Swimming Pools

We hope you enjoyed these interesting facts and stats about swimming pools, and we hope you’re ready to get a quote from us!

Here are some more stats and fun facts (maybe) to think about:

  • It’s impossible to not smile in a swimming pool.
  • No one has ever said, “We should have put grass where this swimming pool is.”
  • “Marco Polo” might become an Olympic sport by the year 2084.
  • If you sneeze underwater, you will grow gills. (This fact hasn not been proven … yet.)
  • The real Marco Polo, who was an Italian merchant traveler, would never answer his parents when they were trying to find him.
  • Superman was never allowed to go in the deep end of the pool.

Are there some interesting stats about swimming pools we might have missed? Let us know!

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  1. Do you install fiberglass pools

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